Redemption OC
Redemption OC
I Can through God
'Pastor Dan talks with us about accepting God's call, not with excuses but with a "I Can!"
I Can through God.mp3
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I will have a closer relationship with God
Pastor Dan talks with us about the steps we need to take to have a better relationship with the Lord.
I will have a closer relationship with G[...]
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Wiping The Slate
Pastor Dan talks with us about how God gives us a fresh slate and how we should embrace the new year one day at a time.
Wiping The Slate.mp3
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After Christmas now what?
with christmas ending what happens now? how do we act? what can we expect? listen as pastor Dan dives into scripture and preaches about the topic of what now?
After Christmas.mp3
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Go Forth With Courage
"I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me." it takes a lot of courage to show the love of God throughout your daily life. Listen in as guest speaker Al talks about the courage God has given him throughout his daily life.
Go Forth With Courage.mp3
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God Deserves Our Praise
What is praise? why do we praise? and how do we praise? join us and Pastor Dan's wife: Faith as she dives into the topic of praise and the important scriptures that cover praise.
God Deserves our Praise.mp3
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Prayer - What's in it for me
Pastor Dan, breaks down the benefits of prayer and the connection it can build with God
What's in it for me.mp3
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Reasons To hope
Guest Pastor Ken talks about how god provides hope no matter what the circumstances.
Reasons to hope.mp3
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Our Just God
Pastor Dan talks about justice that only God can provide.
Our Just God.mp3
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Our Faithful God
Pastor Dan, talks about the faithfulness of God, he is with us always
Our Faithful God.mp3
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Our Omnipotent God
just like God's love, His power is infinite and boundless. Who is like our God? join us as we learn about the implications of omnipotence
Our Omnipotent God.mp3
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Our Omniscient God
Pastor Dan talks about our God's Omniscience, how God knows us completely and fully, and still loves us
Our Omniscient God.mp3
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Our Omnipresent God
Pastor Dan talks with us, about how what it truly means to have a omnipresent God
Our Omnipresent God.mp3
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Our God
Our God is holy, He is here and His presence is overwhelming.
Our God.mp3
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The Bible and Knowing God
Pastor Dan talks with us about the importance of knowing God and taking the time to listen to God.
The Bible and Knowing God.mp3
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Our God of the Second Chance
Pastor Dan discusses Solomon and how we need to focus on God in order to lead fulfilled lives
Our God of the Second Chance.mp3
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The Cross should make us uncomfortable
'He said to them "whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and folllow Me."' Mark 16:24 this verse should make us realize that the cross is a commitment and we should be reminded of it every day.
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Church should make us uncomfortable
Pastor Dan, calls us to be christian even in uncomfortable situations and honest in our dealings
Church should make us uncomfortable.mp3
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The Purpose of Church - Prayer
Join us as Pastor Dan talks about the final Virtue of a purpose driven church
The Purpose of the Church_Prayer.mp3
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Evangelism - One of Five Purposes
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The Purpose of Church
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Teach and Admonish One Another
Admonish One Another.mp3
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The way up is down: Serve one Another
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Greet one Another... With a Holy Kiss
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Live in Harmony with one another
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Encourage One Another
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Becoming A Person of Integrity
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I'm Dreaming of a Right Christmas
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O little town of Bethlehem
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5 Kernels of thanks giving
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The Parable of Prayers
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What Excites God
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Ten Reasons we need to be in church
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Wisdom James 3: 13-18
Join us as we explore What is wisdom with Jeff Rondoue Preaching.
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The Tameless Tongue
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Taming the Tongue
"the tongue is a small member, yet it boasts great things. How great a forest is set ablaze by such a small flame!" James 3:5
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James: Faith in actions
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Authentic Faith Works
There is a lot of opinions about Faith v.s. Works but they shouldn't be individual. They should be used together. If all you have is faith or works then your missing a whole other piece to your job as a christian. join us as we look at the importance of Faith and Works.
Faith and Works.mp3
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The Liberating Law of Love
What is the Royal Law and Divine Law? Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself. and then to Love God with all your heart mind and soul. Today we learn that Mercy received is Mercy given. we dive down into the law given by Jesus that Liberates us
The Golden rule.mp3
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God's Gift to the Poor
"Listen, my beloved brothers, has not God Chosen those who are poor in the world to be Rich in Faith and Heirs to the Kingdom, which he has promised to those who love Him?" James 2:5
join us today as we talk about God's call to the people who have nothing on this earth. He calls them to remind them that they have God and an inheritance in heaven far better than the riches of this earth.
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The Tests of Real Religion
"If anyone thinks of himself to be religious, and yet does not keep a tight rein on his tounge, he decieves himself and his religion is worthless." James 1:26 Today we look at 3 tests of real religion. Join us as we dive into James this week.
the test of true religion.mp3
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A Promise for Testing Times
Pastor Dan Preaches the First part of the Sermon and Jeffrey Rondaeu
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The Book of James
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Intro to James
Pastor Dan and Jefferey Rondeau introduce the book of James and verses 1-8.
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He Is Risen
Easter Service
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Palm Sunday Triumph or Tragedy?
Jesus always had love for those who accepted him, and even those who rejected him. He would come into Jerusalem only to be killed later by the same people who welcomed Him. Today we focus on the three types of people who are associated with Easter and Palm Sunday.
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Living in God's Amazing Grace
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Growing in Grace
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Tramsforming Grace
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Spiritual Discipline pt. 3
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Spiritual disciplines
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Good News About grace part 3
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Good News About Grace part 2
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How to have a happy New Year
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It's a wonderful life
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The Thieves of Thanksgiving
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Watch Out
Dont' do good deeds publicly, to be admired by others, for you will lose the reward from your father in heaven
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Jesus and The Law
Jesus came not to abolish The Law but to fulfill it.
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Salt and light-How useful are you?
Salt and Light.mp3
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The Beatitudes
What is the greatest sermon you have ever heard? Well the greatest sermon ever was preached more than 2000 years ago. It is the sermon on the mount. Today we look at the greatest sermon in history and dive into the depth of the beatitudes.
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Taking Christ With You for this Labor Day
The Bible tells slaves to obey, respect and serve their masters faithfully. We can compare that to the modern worker today. Join us as we go into you and your job as a minister in the workplace where you were put.
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The Original Rock
Who is the Rock? he's not a muscular dude, his name is Peter. today we learn about a man called the rock before it was cool.
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Dead man Walking
Today we go into the story of Lazarus. We will look at what makes all of dead and how Jesus can be with us through any trial or tribulation.
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join us as we go into the John 11: the good shepheard
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The Truth Shall Make You Free
Can you discern the difference between truth and lie? True freedom comes in the knowing the One that embodies truth. today we explore three concepts that will show us how we can experience true freedom.
The truth shall make you free.mp3
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Courageous Grace
There are four movements that help demonstrate how Jesus handles conflict...and demonstrates a courageous grace. join us today to find out what those are!
Courageous Grace.mp3
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Taking it to the next level
as a born-again believer there are 4 levels of commitment that you can be apart of. as we learn what those levels are, take time to think about what level are you on personally and what do you need to do to move up to the next level? Who can you invite to be a level 1?
Taking it to the next level.mp3
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Taking the Fear Out of Witnessing
How then shall they call on Him in who they have not believed? and how shall they believe in Him who they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? Romans 10:14 the word preacher doesn't just mean the guy who talks on Sundays, but it is referring to everyone being a witness of Christ, spreading His word.
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Jesus Walks on water
Jesus performed a miracle of walking on water. he calmed the storm in the disciples trip. but Jesus can calm personal storms as well. join us today as we dive into the story of Jesus walking on water
Jesus Walks on Water.mp3
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Jesus' Credentials
Jesus claimed he was the Son of God. in an accident we use witnesses to bring the truth to light. Jesus uses 5 witnesses to bring the truth of His claim to light. join us as we dive into these witnesses and explore the case for Christ.
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Who Is this Man?
Who is Jesus? Jesus made claims as to who he was, but the Pharisees didn't believe Him. What were these claims? find out what they were today as we dive into John 5:16-30
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Woman at the Well
today we dive into the story of the woman at the well. what was the significance of this encounter between Jesus and a Samaritan woman? find out today.
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The Entire Bible In One Verse
Does john 3:16 explain the whole bible in one verse/ Listen to the sermon to find out!
john 316.mp3
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Nick at Night- Turning Religion into RelationShip
Listen to the sermon to find out what it means to be "Born again"
Nick At night.mp3
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The Requirements Of Following Jesus
What are the requirements for following Jesus? the answer is simpler than you think!
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Easter Sunday
MP3 audio file [32.9 MB]
Guest Speaker "Coach Brian Lewellen"
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Here's mud in your eyes
When you are blind to sin. Are you actually blind or are you just blind to the cause of sin? Watch this message to find out.
Here's mud in your eyes.mp3
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It's A Miracle!
What is a miracle? Where do Miracles come from? Today we find out that and more!
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The New Year 2017-2018
How do you have a Better New Year? Find out as we take a look into the subject today.
The New Year 2017-2018.mp3
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Gold, Franincense, mirrth
The Shepherds were like role models for the Wise men who came later than they did. Do you know how they were role models to the wise men? Watch the sermon to find out more.
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Why Shepherds?
Why did God choose to reveal the birth of Jesus to the shepherds first? according to the times they were the lowliest of them all. find out that and more today!
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Are you ready for Christmas? that's a question that you may have been asked a lot recently. today we look at Josephs part in the Christmas story.
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Christmas Hope: The Story of Mary
Today we look at the story of Mary, during this first week of advent. The advent of Hope
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Are We a Great Church?
What makes a great church? what is included in a great church? find out all this and more!
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Thanksgiving or Complaining
today we continued our lessons about thankfulness. Join us as we dive into thinking, acting, and talking thankfully.
Thanksgiving or Complaining.mp3
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5 Keys Of Thankfulness
After ending our study of Galatians We now turn to the topic of thanks. today we look at 5 keys of thankfulness.
5keysOfThankfulness (2).mp3
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So whats the point?
Today we are talking about having Jesus being the focus in our lives.
So whats the point.mp3
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The One Anothers
The bible says to Love one another, the bible also gives us more commands involving one another and how we are to treat eachother. What are they? join us and find out
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We are Free to love
As we keep digging into Ephesians we turn to a lesson about loving each other, for it says "watch out or you will be destroyed by each other"
We are Free to love.mp3
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Called to freedom
The old law of Moses was voided when Jesus came and sacrificed himself. But a lot of people still preached about the law and were bound by it. We are not to be bond by the law but instead we are called to be free.
MP3 audio file [65.9 MB]
Who's your mother?
Today we look at the Abraham and his two sons Ishmael and Issac. one a child of Promise and freedom while the other a child of Law and slavery. Paul even draws comparisons to the two children and children of God and others who think they are. Join us as we look at Paul's comparison in a little more depth.
Whos your mother.mp3
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Christian Friends
What are Christian Friends? What makes a good christian friend? should we only have christian friends? join us to find out he answers to each of these questions and more!
Christian Friends.mp3
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Living Free
Jesus died to free us from the bondage of slavery so we can live free.
Living Free.mp3
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God's Promise
It's hard to find someone who to trust. Today we look at a few reasons we can trust God. God's Promise is something we can trust and lean on.
God's Promise.mp3
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Partners in Grace
We must not disagree on the subject of Grace. For if we don't agree on the subject of grace the good news turns into Bad News. We need to be Partners in Grace and work together as one body of Christ.
Partners in Grace.mp3
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God's call
today we look at the story of Paul. His beginnings and God's call to ministry. God calls each of us to many different things. What are you called to do? Join us as we look at Paul and his calling.
MP3 audio file [62.9 MB]
Today we look at the final section in the Baptist Faith and Message: "Family" what it means and what God says about marriage and children.
MP3 audio file [53.1 MB]
Peace and War
What does the bible say about War, Peace, Government, and authorities? today we look at our belief's on all of those subjects and what the Bible has to say about those.
peace and war.mp3
MP3 audio file [48.1 MB]
The Tithe
today we talk about giving, tithing, and other beliefs we have about stewardship.
The Tithe.mp3
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Get Smart
Join us today as we talk about our beliefs on education, how children and adults receive knowledge. We believe that a Christian education is of major importance and one of the most beneficial things. speaking of education, please be praying for our high school graduates Tommy, and Neil, this year as they continue their journey.
Get Smart.mp3
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Go YePart 2
Today we continue our look at evangelism and witnessing. join us as we dive into the next section of our Go series
MP3 audio file [45.5 MB]
this is how you go
the bible says go and make disciples how do we do that? what does it look like? join us as we look into that subject this morning.
This is how you go.mp3
MP3 audio file [56.3 MB]
Go Ye
Go Ye.mp3
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BFM_Here at the End of All
1 Peter 4:7 says: "the end of all things I near. Therefore be clear minded and self controlled so that you can pray. join us as we think about the coming of Jesus and dissect verses about it.
BFM_Here at the End of All.mp3
MP3 audio file [53.5 MB]
The Kingdom
what is the kingdom of God? Today we discuss what we believe about the heavenly kingdom of our Lord.
The Kingdom.mp3
MP3 audio file [54.7 MB]
The Sabbath Saturday or Sunday?
It's been a long debate. which day is the correct day? the answer is simple and it Is whatever day you choose to set aside is the correct one
Saturday or Sunday.mp3
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Using Our Gifts
what is a spiritual gift? when do we receive spiritual gifts? why does God give spiritual gifts? join us as we look at Spiritual gifts and what the bible says about it.
spiritual gifts.mp3
MP3 audio file [56.4 MB]
The Bible lays out instructions for dealing with issues in the church and how to discipline them. join us today as we look into what the Bible says you should do if you have a dispute with a fellow believer.
disclipine of the church.mp3
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The Church
As we continue in our series of the Baptist Faith and Message, we look at the church, a body of believers united in the redemption of Christ' blood. join us as we break down what the bible says about the church.
The church.mp3
MP3 audio file [57.5 MB]
Baptist Faith and Minisry (God's Purpose of Grace)
Salvation, some say we are predestined and chosen, some say salvation is a choice. today we look at our beliefs on salvation and the purpose of God's grace.
BFM_God's Purpose.mp3
MP3 audio file [44.6 MB]
Jesus said. "You must be born again" but what does that mean? It doesn't mean to be baptized, instead it just simply means being saved and accepting God as your savior.
MP3 audio file [50.9 MB]
God created man in His own image. today we will look at man, our origins and our fallen state.
MP3 audio file [26.6 MB]
The Trinity
The Trinity is an interesting concept. 3 people, but all at the same God. Different, but separate. Join us today as we look at the Trinity as described in the Holy Bible.
The Trinity.mp3
MP3 audio file [33.7 MB]
What we believe
join us today as we go into our beliefs as Baptist. today we will look at 11 of the many attributes of God from our doctrine, the Baptist faith and message.
what we believe.mp3
MP3 audio file [50.0 MB]
The Sheperds Joy
Today, we look at the story of the shepherds, and the five things we can learn from them. It's an amazing story, some of the dirtiest people, shepherds, who spent the nights with their animals, came to see the Holiest of Holies. Join us today as we learn a few things from these men.
The shepherds joy.mp3
MP3 audio file [49.8 MB]
Isaiah's Audaciuos Hope
Isaiah is considered to be a 5th gospel, because it is filled with so much good news. today we look at Isaiah, and some of the fore tellings of what was to come through Christ.
MP3 audio file [54.3 MB]
An Attitude of Gratitude
with Thanksgiving soon approaching, this week we will look at 5 areas where we can be thankful.
an attitude of gratitude.mp3
MP3 audio file [48.1 MB]
Facing YOUR Giants
just like David, everybody has their Goliath, their giant that they need to conquer whatever obstacle is in your way God can help you overcome anything. for you are not tempted beyond what you can bear. even Jesus was tempted. join us as we look into the story of David and Goliath.
facing your giants.mp3
MP3 audio file [52.4 MB]
Takin the Fear Out of Halloween
Some people today are convinced that ghost and things exists. the truth is Satan is real and the Holy Ghost is real, but those other things are just the result of man turning away from religion.
Taking the Fear Out of Halloween .mp3
MP3 audio file [52.5 MB]
Touching the World
Once God has touched you, your family and your community then what's left is the rest of the world. Its amazing how a man that didn't even travel across the world has reached the ends of the earth and that's because someone decided to share the word and then they decided to share and it became a huge domino effect that swept the world. that's the power of Christ, to be able to reach the ends of the world.
touching the world for Christ.mp3
MP3 audio file [41.0 MB]
Finding The Lost
There are Millions of people on this Earth. Not all of them are saved, today we learn bout witnessing to the people around you and to the rest of the world.
Finding the Lost.mp3
MP3 audio file [39.7 MB]
Touching your family
When it comes to witnessing, it does not always mean going out to strangers, sometimes it might be as simple as talking to your family. People back in Jesus' day once they learned of him they immediately went back to their homes and shared what they found with the people closest to them, their family.
touching your family.mp3
MP3 audio file [37.6 MB]
Hide and Seek
"For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened." Every single one of us is different, That means the ways we approach God can vary, but in the end we all connect to God and he connects to us to produce a greater outcome than we could achieve on our own merits. join us today as we look at some of the different relationships Jesus had with people of the Bible.
Hide and Seek.mp3
MP3 audio file [48.8 MB]
Overflowing Outreach
Jesus said to the woman at the well "those who drink from this well will be thirsty again, but those who drink from the well of eternal life will never grow thirsty again." God wants to fill you up so much with His love and presence that you will overflow with the love of Christ and reach out and touch others.
Overflowing Outreach.mp3
MP3 audio file [50.8 MB]
Hand Me Downs
Remember when you got clothes from someone that they didn't need or just didn't fit them anymore. When you put on their clothes, you are essentially going to look like them since you are wearing their clothes. The same can be said with God. there are different elements that we can receive from God that can shape us into who God wants us to be all we have to do is put on God's "Hand Me Downs".
hand me downs.mp3
MP3 audio file [70.2 MB]
Jesus said "do this in remembrance of me." today we learn about communion and what it means to take part in the reminder of what Jesus had to go through to save us.
MP3 audio file [42.5 MB]
God's promise to meet your needs.
It says in the Bible that God will meet your needs: Philippians 4:19 "And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus." but it also says it won't cover all your wants: James 4:3 “When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.”
Meeting your needs.mp3
MP3 audio file [60.9 MB]
A strategy for rducing stress
stress is prevalent in most of our lives. and a major part of it is your mental outlook. the Bible says do not worry about anything. and studies have shown that worry increases stress and increased stress decreases your lifespan. so pray about everything, give your worries to God and he will take care of you. Join us as we delve farther into the strategy to reduce stress.
a strategy for reducing stress.mp3
MP3 audio file [64.8 MB]
Gods part in chaging me
there are ways that God wants to cane us. He works in us, but we also must make it mutual and strive for change. join us as we look at 3 things God tries to change I us and 3 things we can do to change our attitude.
Gods part in changing me.mp3
MP3 audio file [60.8 MB]
To Live Is.....
Join us as we open Philipians and look at pauls opportunity inprson to change peoples world and share the JOY of the lord.
To Live Is.mp3
MP3 audio file [58.2 MB]
How to be Ready
Today we talk about how sin separated us from God and how this world, especially in evangelism has changed, and how we can be ready.
how to be ready.mp3
MP3 audio file [60.1 MB]
How you can tell the Bible is the real word of God
the Bile has been formed over thousands of years, from 40 or so different authors, each from different cultures. Yet all of the scripture never contradicts themselves. join us as we look closely at the miracle that is God's word
the bible is the real word of God.mp3
MP3 audio file [63.6 MB]
Holy Spirit-The Spirit of Comfort
today we look a the Holy Spirits comforting nature. We know that He is with us everyday, so let us have comfort through our hard times knowing that God is always there with us.
spirit of comfort.mp3
MP3 audio file [52.3 MB]
The Conviting Ministry of the Holy Spirit
When Jesus ascended into heaven he left us a helper, an advocate, known as the Holy Spirit. Lets tke a closer look at the Holy Spirit and His Convicting Ministry.
the convicting ministry of the holy spir[...]
MP3 audio file [67.3 MB]
All knowing God
today we crack a peek at the Omnipotence of God. join us as we learn that God is with us everywhere, even when we try to hide. God is so amazing that He's with us wherever we go.
All Knowing God.mp3
MP3 audio file [51.7 MB]
The Bible and Knowing God
sometimes we think we know everything by just reading the title, but that may not always be the case. Join us today as we discover four ways that we can know God.
The Bible and Knowing God.mp3
MP3 audio file [55.8 MB]
the God of Second chances
Solomon, the man that had everything he could possibly imagine and yet he wasn't happy. what he and many others need was a second chance. lets take a look at the God who gives chances over and over again.
god of second chances.mp3
MP3 audio file [63.0 MB]
the portrait of the bread
what is the meaning behind the mysterious bread that fell from heaven? we will look at what the manna from heaven really means and how it relates to Jesus.
the portrait of the bread.mp3
MP3 audio file [51.4 MB]
The portrait of the Blood
Today we look at the cleansing power of Jesus' blood. As we look at all the scriptures about the power of the Blood, and take communion, we remember the immense sacrifice Jesus went through on the cross.
the portrait of the blood.mp3
MP3 audio file [50.5 MB]
New Years 2015-16
Happy New Year! Join us in our first message of 2016. today we think about all the time that we have to spare and how we use it for God or for ourselves.
new years 2015-16.mp3
MP3 audio file [50.8 MB]
lessons learned from the wisemen
Lets Learn a lesson from the stories of the wise men and the child Jesus. The wise men taught us a few things about trust and faith, so lets dive in and take a look!
lessons learned from the wise men.mp3
MP3 audio file [43.2 MB]
A Savior Worth Waiting For
today we look at Josephs perspective of the story of Jesus. The story of a savior worth waiting for
a savior worth waiting for.mp3
MP3 audio file [59.7 MB]
Mary's Christmas
join us as we look at God's 7 gifts to Mary. And the many miracles that took place in order for Jesus to be born.
mary's christmas.mp3
MP3 audio file [34.5 MB]
The Parable of the Tenant Farmers
today we look at the parable of the vineyard and how it relates to God and Isreal.
the parable of the tenant farmers.mp3
MP3 audio file [46.6 MB]
Thanksgiving 3 ways to be thankful
join us as we take a peek into thankfulness, and three aspects of thankfulness: Upward, Outward, and Inward.
3 ways to be thankfull for.mp3
MP3 audio file [46.8 MB]
The Will of God
what is God's will for our lives? join us as we discover some of the resources that God has provided for us, so that we may be in tune to his will and have an open ear to what He has to say and how He communicates.
The Will of God.mp3
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Why is it so easy to not do our best for God? Why should we strive for excellence? what does it take to give excellence? all these questions and more are answered in this sermon.
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What is the definition of Integrity? integrity means speaking and walking in truth.
find out some reasons why people lie, why people break promises and how we can increase our integrity and walk in truth.
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Join us as we take a look at accountability: what it means and how we can be accountable to God and to each other.
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Walking in His Will
Have you ever wondered what God's will for your life entails? Listen in as Pastor Dan explains how we can discern what God's will is for our life and how He makes it evident and relevant for us.
how to know if your walking with god.mp3
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From Failure to Restoration
Does failure in life make your life a failure? Let's find out from God's Word as we dive into the failure and restoration of Peter.
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As we baptize John today let's look at what baptism means for a believer and the kind of transformation one should expect in the life of a baptized follower of Jesus Christ. Let's dive in!
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Inviting Your Friends to Fellowship
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The Responsibillity of the Truth
the responsibility for the truth.mp3
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The M's of Friendship
the m of friendship.mp3
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No Girls Allowed!
no girls allowed.mp3
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Our Top Priority
our top priority.mp3
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Samson: Examing His Fatal Flaws
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Gideon: Learning to Trust
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Ruth: A Story of Loyal Love
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God's Open House
God's Openhouse.mp3
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God's Promises (Mike McCassey)
audio starts around 51 sec. (mic wasn't on)
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H.A.N.N.A.H (a model for womanhood)
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The Apple of His Eye
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Excellency--give 100% of all you have!
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Be Authentic
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P.U.S.H Pray Until Something Happens
P.U.S.H pray until something happens.mp3
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Happy Family
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Love is?
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Remain In Christ
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Christmas is here!
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Touch Your family.
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Touch Your Neighbors
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Fresh Start With Myself.
Fresh start with myself.mp3
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Why Fast?
Why Fast 11-4-12 Pastor Dan.mp3
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